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More About Artisan Dental

Start with a Smile

Our office and staff extend a warm welcome to you and your family! At Artisan Smiles, we make it our top priority to provide comprehensive, high quality dentistry in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We are proud to have been serving the Bay Area for 30 years. Come and meet our knowledgeable team to care for your oral health needs. We brag that we are a generational practice with families who bring their kids and grandkids to us! We believe the old saying that knowledge is power and love to educate our patients about the prevention of dental issues. 

For the anxious dental patient:

Music is a fun and simple way to alleviate dental anxiety. Request your favorite music for the length of your appointment (in any language) and experience the magic! Our staff is caring and empathetic to your needs.

We often hear about parents and relatives visiting from other countries without dental insurance worrying about toothache or other oral health issues. We welcome them to our practice and will do our best to take care of them, make them feel secure, and treat their dental problems.

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