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What We Do Best

We do extractions to remove severely damaged or diseased teeth and preserve the health of remaining structures. With our staff's extensive knowledge, you can be assured of a thorough, gentle experience. 

At the Dentist

Comprehensive Exam

Your first visit will include a dental examination including a TMJ exam, oral cancer screen, and a full set of x-rays. We might also do a simple prophylaxis (cleaning) in the same appointment.

root canal.jpeg

Root Canal

Our doctors are experts at taking care of diseased teeth needing root canals. No need to let the words “root canal” strike fear in your heart anymore! Let us make this process smooth for you.



Missing teeth can also be replaced by implants. Titanium posts are placed in the bone with an abutment and crown on top. Come in to learn more about this easy and state-of-the-art treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We offer both take home and in office whitening systems for the beautiful smile you've always wanted.


Nightguards/Sports Mouthguards

Most of us have a habit of grinding/clenching our teeth at night time, which irreversibly harms both the teeth and the Temporomandibular joint. We custom make night guards or sports mouth guards as needed.

Invisalign Consultation


Did you know that cavities, gum disease etc can be prevented to a large extent by straightening your teeth? Come in for a free Invisalign consultation and scan. A perfect smile is only a side benefit of Invisalign–you will be amazed to see how painless and easy the whole process is.



Crowns are 360-degree coverings on teeth that are badly decayed, fractured or misshapen. Teeth that have undergone a root canal need crowns as well. We use the best materials so that we can make you crowns that last very long and are comfortable and feel like natural teeth. Come in for more information.

gum disease.jpeg

Periodontal Disease and Halitosis (bad breath)

A degenerative disease that crumbles the health of oral systems. Painful sore gums are treated with deep cleanings/antibiotic treatment/gum surgery. We evaluate and treat each case with the best management and control therapy. Gum disease has several systemic effects as well–all the more reason to take it very seriously.

Perfect Smile


Have a smile imperfection? No worries…get your dream smile with gorgeous veneers bonded permanently on your teeth. These are custom created porcelain or zirconia shells to make your smile radiant. Come in to learn more.

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Custom made snoreguards prevent snoring to give you a restful night's sleep. We will present you with a sleep apnea questionnaire to screen if a sleep study is required.

white filling.jpeg


Fillings restore decayed teeth to health, form and function. We use the highest quality material for our white fillings. Come in for elegant, natural looking fillings. 


Bridges & Dentures

Replacing missing teeth is very important for function and aesthetics .
Bridges are fixed options that are permanent and comfortable. Dentures can be full or partial in function. We will discuss the best option for your situation. Contact us for more information.



We do extractions to remove severely damaged or diseased teeth and preserve the health of remaining structures. With our staff's extensive knowledge, you can be assured of a thorough, gentle experience. 

Child Brushing Teeth 2

Pediatric Services

We love kids! Our staff is trained to work with kids of all ages, whether it is a playful introduction of oral hygiene to the little ones or work with your teens on taking oral health seriously, we do it all! We do cleanings, fillings, extractions, space maintainers, sealants and fluoride treatment. We love to see teens get excited about Invisalign!

Tobacco Cessation and Oral Cancer Screening

We do thorough oral cancer screens and discuss various ways to reduce and eliminate tobacco use. We take personal interest in talking to your loved one about the oral cancer implications of tobacco.

COVID and Safety Protocols

We take sterilization and patient safety very seriously. To maintain proper protocol, please follow the guidelines below: 

  • Please wear a mask as you enter the office. 

  • You will be offered hand sanitizer upon entry. 

  • Patients are asked to use a hydrogen peroxide rinse before the procedure. 

  • HEPA filters run in the office effectively removing 99.97% of aerosols and air particles maintaining a clean air delivery rate .

  • All equipment instruments and ops are sterilized, cleaned and disinfected as per ADA guidelines. 

  • We follow all CDC protocols and adhere to the strictest and highest standards of safety.

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